Monday, 7 September 2015

vijay darda news

Vijay Darda and his wife have a total of Rs 3,39,58,3963 Crore+in jewelries, ornaments, and diamonds. Other assets like values of interests/claims are estimated to Rs 18,20,00,11618 Crore+for the couple in various companies including Bore well at Bhari, Agriculture Drip Irrigation System, Devendra printers, Electric motor Pump at Bhari, Prithvi Enterprises, Furniture and Fixtures, Godown at Yavatmal, Painting and Portrate, Ingot (Stamp) Pride of India, JAS Infrastructure, Shro Ashok Jain, Kishore Darda, Jawahernagar Enterprises at Yavatmal, Veenadevi Darda, Black Diamond Agro Pvt Ltd., Gold Soil Agro Pvt Ltd., and  Rajnigandha Growers P Ltd.

The assets encompass Deposit at Building Main, advances for Delhi flat, advances to Butiboru Land and N Britti. This means that Vijay Darda has a total of Rs 21,15,09,96821 Crore+as movable assets and his wife has Rs 11,46,45,49411 Crore+. According to the same report, the total of movable assets for the influential couple is estimated to Rs 32,61,55,46232 Crore+.

The report revealed also the immovable assets of Mr. Darda and his wife in Agricultural and non-agricultural land, buildings, houses, and others. Vijay Darda has Rs 2,41,16,1932 Crore+in agricultural land and Rs 2,48,63,3842 Crore+in non-agricultural land.  

The report showed that the couple has Rs 3,41,53,6063 Crore+in buildings and commercial offices. Mr. Darda and his wife have Rs 8,97,98,4148 Crore+. In addition, the report revealed that Mr. Darda does not have loans from banks and financial institutions. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015


In 1967, Vijay Darda received a certificate from Multipurpose High School in Yavatmal. Three years later, he received a diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai.

According to a report about his movable assets, Mr. Darda has as cash 3,95,662  3 Lacs+with a deposit in financial institutions, banks, and non-banking financial companies up to 6,10,22,356  6 Crore+.His wife has as cash 2,56,547  2 Lacs+and 1,59,50,677  1 Crore+.

The couple has a total of Rs 2,84,83,9152 Crore+as bonds, debentures, and shares in companies. As a successful businessman, VijayDarda invested, along with his wife, in various companies and has various shares.

 These companies includeInvestment and Properties PVT. Ltd., Everest Cement Ltd, Lokmat Newspaper Pvt. Ltd., Nahar International Ltd, Nath Pulo and Paper, Navketan Indl. Construction Ltd., Rajadhiraj Industries Ltd., S.S Power and Switch Gear Ltd., Tirupati Urban Cooperative bank, Videocon Appliance Ltd., Video In

d. Ltd., Videocon VCR Ltd., Videocon VCR Ltd, Red Papeya, India cellular Ltd, JLD Yavatmal Energy Ltd., and JAS Infrastructure Capital.

Vijay Darda has also shares in agricultural companies such as Black Diamond Agro P Ltd, Black Soil Developers, Amaltash Agro P Ltd, Yavatmal Agro P Ltd, Rajnigandha Agro P Ltd, Goverdhan Environment Farm P Ltd, and Goverdhan Agro Farms P Ltd. Mr. Darda has also shares in estate companies such as Cozy Properties Pvt Ltd. He has equity shares, with his wife, in Essar Gujarath Ltd.

His wife Shrimati Veena Devi has also shares in other companies including Golden advertising and M.S. Pvt Ltd., GSFC, Asera BuildCon P Ltd, Minar Malabious, Kruti Nirman Ltd, and SBI Taxable Bond.